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Our Goal

PLAN A Good Time

In an effort to reduce DUI/DWI fatalities in Harris County, Houston Recovery Center and Sober Eve partners are encouraging you to MAKE A PLAN!

“PLAN A Good Time” is a county-wide grassroots social media campaign initiative that will communicate the importance of responsible planning for occasions when alcohol consumption occurs or alternatives for celebrating sober. Educate the community about responsible drinking and sobriety options and encourage personal and social responsibility to keep people safe.


Ways To PLAN

Prepare a Designated Driver

If you plan to drink, prepare not to drive. Schedule a ride in advance with Uber or Lyft. Use Houston's Metro Bus and Rail. Choose a designated drivers which is the best option.

Look For Bars That Offer Alcohol-Free Options

Search for bars in your area that offer alcohol-free options or have a list of alternative drink choices that you should be able to order at any bar.

Allow Yourself to Take it Slow

The pressure to drink increases during the holidays. So does the number of events and gatherings. There's no need to rush to throw back every shot. Take your time and stay hydrated.

Note How Much You Drink

Keep track of how much you drink during the night or day. Writing it all down helps us see how much we intake and it could raise personal awareness as the party progresses. Again, remember to hydrate!

Join The Challenge!

RED CUP Challenge.

This holiday season we want to see you fill your cup in a fun and challenging way! Join us across social media platforms to see the different ways we fill and spill!

We’re Here To Help

Struggling with alcohol and seeking support?

Digital media Resources

Help us share the message.

The mission of harm reduction requires all of us in order to shift the culture of overconsumption. Download all of our digital resources and share information  we believe will save lives.

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